Louisville Metro Council Resolution Seeks Mayor's Resignation

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LOUISVILLE, Ky. - Seven members of Louisville Metro Council are calling on Mayor Greg Fischer to resign. 

The group has co-sponsored a resolution seeking a vote of no confidence in the mayor. In it, they "urge" him to quit.

The members listed on the resolution are Republicans Kevin Kramer, Scott Reed, Marilyn Parker, Anthony Piagentini, Stuart Benson, Robin Engel and James Peden.

The resolution cites a need for systemic change within the Louisville Metro Police Department, a rise in number of homicides, a refusal of administration staff to testify regarding Breonna Taylor case and ongoing protests, among other things.

The legislation will be heard in committee next week and could be voted on in the following full Metro Council meeting on Sept. 3.

Fischer responded via Twitter with this statement.

If the resolution passes, it would not remove Fischer from office, but would allow each member of the the council the opportunity to express their position on the decisions of his administration.

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