Thursday, July 30, 2020

It's safe to say we're all pretty much over 2020. Just how much have things changed? Remember when 1980 felt like 20 years ago? Take a look back at life 40 years ago in "today's video of the day"

As the country speeds toward 150-thousand COVID deaths, Dr. Fauci is talking about the outbreak in the Sunbelt and what is shifting in the Midwest. What did the President say about the GOP coronavirus stimulus bill and where does it stand before the Congressional recess? NBC News Radio's Michael Bower has looked over the numbers and breaks them down with Tony.

France is reporting another increase in coronavirus cases, adding 1,392 on Wednesday. Health authorities said the closely watched "R" indicator of infections has nudged past 1.3, meaning infected people are, on average, contaminating more than 1.3 others. That gauge has been ticking upward since July 1, when the first wave of vacationers headed for beaches and holiday homes. Meanwhile, Spain has reported the highest daily number of new coronavirus infections in almost three months with 1,153. The recent increase has prompted countries such as Britain, France and Germany to discourage tourists from traveling to Spain. And the head of Italy's National Health Institute says Italy has been reporting 200-300 new infections a day in recent weeks. The peak of 6,500 new daily cases was hit on March 31. Italian lawmakers approved extending Italy's state of emergency for the coronavirus until at least October 15 now.  ABC's Tom Rivers is following and joins Tony.