Kentucky Couple Under House Arrest For Refusing To Self-Isolate

(Hardin County, KY) - A Kentucky family is wearing ankle bracelets after refusing to sign a health department restrictions agreement. 

The Elizabethtown News-Enterprise reports Elizabeth Linscott has tested positive but is asymptomatic for coronavirus. She was told by Hardin County health officials she had to sign a document that says when she would leave her house for any reason she was in agreement to first advise the county health office where she was going.

When she refused to sign, on Thursday, the health office got the Sheriff and they put ankle bracelets on her, her husband and daughter and told them they can't leave their house. 

Linscott said she is no criminal nor was she refusing to remain isolated, she just doesn't agree with the obligation to sign the document.

Photo Credit: Getty Images (file photo)

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