Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Ever get that itch to buy a lottery ticket? Ever wonder where that feeling comes from? For this mom, it was clear this was her time. See for yourself in today's "Video of The Day"

We are now nearly a month away from the political conventions. What's the latest on the Democratic convention in Milwaukee, and the Republican convention in Jacksonville? NBC News Radio's Bill Zimpfer is following developments and joins Tony with the latest.

From Florida to California the coronavirus is making news, as the decision to wear a mask continues to create controversies. NBC News Radio's Michael Bower joins Tony with the latest roundup of COVID news.

A recent report from Oxford university has reignited the discussion over how our immune systems deal with COVID-19. The study found that a coronavirus patients’ antibodies – that is, the body’s immune response designed to neutralize pathogens like viruses – may fade from the system within months. But antibodies are not the only part of the immune system, so the study’s findings do not necessarily indicate a loss in immunity from the virus. As Dr. Simone Wildes explains with Tony, even if antibodies to COVID-19 fade quickly, there could be other parts of the immune system that help protect us from re-infection.

Many had hoped we'd be back in school next month, but with rising COVID numbers, non traditional instruction is looking more likely. How can we prepare? Why you should be talking with your student about their wants and fears. Dr. Charles Pemberton host of "Counseling In 30 Minutes or Less" available on the iHeart app now joins Tony with some helpful tips on getting ready now.

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