Tuesday, June 30, 2020

A couple builds a new home by themselves with no experience as they welcome their first child. See the heartwarming story in today's "Video of the Day"

European Union representatives are meeting to decide who will be allowed to travel to the EU. Will the U.S. make the cut? Who will? NBC News Radio' Bill Zimpfer joins Joe with the latest travel restrictions, and new developments on the Pandemic

Several large companies have joined a growing advertising boycott of Facebook. NBC News Radio's Michael Bower will explain why

Nineteen years after Mississippi voters decided to keep the Confederate battle emblem on their state flag, the state legislature has voted to remove it. Republican Gov. Tate Reeves says has no problem with lawmakers’ decision and will happily sign the bill. The call to remove the symbol intensified over the past month after protests for racial justice spiked across the country, including in Mississippi. ABC News' Jim Ryan is following and breaks it down with Joe Elliott filling in for Tony Cruise.

A divided Supreme Court struck down a Louisiana law regulating abortion clinics on Monday. The Louisiana law required any doctor who performs an abortion to hold active admitting privileges at a nearby hospital. Justice Stephen Breyer said the law imposes an undue burden and is thus unconstitutional. Justices Ginsburg, Kagan and Sotomayor joined the opinion. Meanwhile, the Court also dealt a blow to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau as conceived by President Barack Obama and Senator Elizabeth Warren, making it easier for the agency’s leader to be removed for any reason. ABC News' Aaron Katersky joins Joe Elliot to discuss.

Amid a bevy of troubling coronavirus headlines in recent weeks, many are beginning to wonder how some key states will react in the runup to the 2020 election. Cases are rising in Florida, Arizona, and Texas following aggressive reopening measures there. The three states all voted for President Trump in 2016, but recent polling has former Vice President Joe Biden with a commanding lead in all three. Other battleground states like Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Michigan paint a similar polling picture. On the other hand, the president was trailing Hillary Clinton at this stage of the race last cycle (though not as significantly), and plenty can still happen before November. Which states matter most in the race for 2020? ABC News Political Analyst Alex Castellanos joins Joe Elliott with his take.

A flurry of issues at hand for Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer. He sits down with Joe Elliott to talk about those issues and more.

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