Monday, June 22, 2020

What's really going on inside the CHAZ or known to some as the "Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone"? The New York Post takes a look.

The Trump rally in Tulsa had a smaller turnout than expected. What happened to the overflow crowd? What happened to the campaign staff that tested positive before the rally. What did Trump say at his rally? NBC News Radio's Michael Bower joins Tony with reaction.

Today more than ever maybe that good ole cash reserve is needed more than ever. CBS News Senior Business Analyst Jill Schlesinger joins Tony.

With coronavirus cases rising in more than twenty states, many are starting to ask questions about a possible “second wave” of the disease. But experts warn the rise in cases doesn’t signal a second wave, but rather a convergence of falling cases in some areas, and rising cases in others. This creates a “plateau, or a mesa,” according to Caitlin Rivers, a disease researcher at Johns Hopkins University’s Center for Health Security. So, when, if ever, can we expect cases to spike again? Dr. Simone Wildes joins Tony with what you need to know.

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