Thursday, June 18, 2020

We've all been there, but did we react like this?? Justified or over the top? What say you? Today's "Video of the Day"

The Trump Administration is taking legal action against former National Security Advisor John Bolton. What's the issue, and how have Bolton's attorneys responded to the action? NBC News Radio's Bill Zimpfer joins Tony with a look.

With the recent arrest of an active duty Air Force Staff Sergeant charged with the killing of a Federal Security officer in Oakland and a County Police officer in Santa Cruz, CA, law enforcement is concerned about future attacks from anti-government groups. Brad discusses how groups like the so-called "boogaloo" are difficult to monitor because they are an internet creation with no specific leadership. He breaks down what the attraction is to anti-government groups -- and why we are attracted to conspiracy theories in general. Most violent attacks are committed by lone individuals, but the real concern -- especially lately -- is about the violence increasing as civil unrest intensifies. Brad finds the combination of overworked law enforcement, the drive to de-fund the police and the anger toward law enforcement concerning as it may impeded law enforcement's ability to adequately investigate violent individuals and keeping the public safe. ABC Crime & Terrorism Analyst Brad Garrett breaks it down with Tony.

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