Man Animates Himself, GF Into 'Sleeping Beauty' For Most Epic Proposal Ever

A marriage proposal is something that will be remembered for a lifetime, which is why so many people try to make it unique and special. Whether they propose in the style of a game show, do it in front of a crowd, use a farm animal or end a dance routine on one knee, there have been plenty of creative ways to ask someone for their hand in marriage. However, Lee Loechler has them all beat.

Lee spent six months getting ready to pop the question to his girlfriend, Sthuthi David. He did it by altering the iconic kiss scene in her favorite movie, Sleeping Beauty, so that instead his and Sthuthi's faces were animated onto the characters.

Unbeknownst to Sthuthi, he filled a theater with their friends and family and showed his edited version, all while aiming a camera at her. When the scene came and the prince with Lee's face took out a ring, you could see the confusion on her face. Then the character tossed the ring from the screen and Lee caught it in the theater and used it to propose to Sthuthi, all while jokingly interacting with the characters on the screen.

The heartwarming proposal has been uploaded to YouTube and shows Sthuthi's adorable reaction both to the ring and to realizing that it's not just random theatergoers all around them.

If that weren't enough, after everything ended, there was an alternate version of the film that played, showing what would've happened had Sthuthi said no. It featured the seven dwarfs crying as Gary Jules' "Mad World" plays.

Thankfully, Sthuthi said yes.

Photo: YouTube