Gymnast Goes Viral For Ability To Do Impossible Challenge

There's a new challenge going around the Internet called the "Flex Challenge." It asks people to lie face down on the floor and put their hands behind their back. Next, they have to stand up without rolling to their side or on their back. It sounds like a faceplant waiting to happen but one gymnast proved it can be done in a video that has the entire Internet astounded.

In the clip from Instagram, Jax Kranitz somehow keeps her legs totally straight and brings them around to her front. She is then able to just stand up, and having successfully completed the challenge, she also performs a victory dance.

It's mind-blowing and commenters have said things like, "I don’t understand how this is physically possible and she did it without effort. Wtf?" and "I can do that, after I break my legs."

Needless to say, Jax now has thousands of new followers. You can be one too here.

Photo: Instagram/Jax.Kranitz