Woman's First Date Starts At Denny's, Ends In Wild Police Chase

You never know what to expect when it comes to a first date. Will there be chemistry? Will it be terrible? Is he or she the one? Usually though, you don't wonder if the date will end in a wild police chase, but that's just what happened to one Florida woman.

The unnamed woman met a man on a dating site and they decided to have their first date together at a local Denny's. Afterwards, he was driving her back to her place when police tried to pull him over for a minor traffic violation over the vehicle's tags. Instead of stopping, the man took off, fleeing police at high speeds. They used a spike strip to get him to stop but by the time they caught up to his car, he had run into nearby woods, escaping capture and leaving his date behind.

Armed offices approached the car and found her, scared and unable to give her date's name since she never got his last name and was told two different first names. She said the only thing he told her about why he was running was that he didn't have a valid license.

It's been a tough summer for the woman. Last month, she was involved in a separate incident with another man she was dating. He was caught on a security camera jumping on her car, smashing her windshield and assaulting her.

Police believe the suspect in the more recent incident wasn't just running from police because of a license issue and has a more serious criminal history. He has not yet been apprehended.

Photo: Getty Images