Dozens Of Cars Get Stuck In Mud After Google Maps Led Them To Empty Field

A quick detour around heavy traffic in Colorado turned into a nightmare for dozens of drivers who ended up stuck in the mud. A car accident brought cars to a standstill on a main road that leads to Denver International Airport. As drivers were sitting in the traffic, their GPS applications suggested an alternate route around the backup that would cut their travel time in half.

"Google Maps asked us to take the Tower exit, so I did because it was supposed to be half the time," Connie Monsees told KMGH. "It was 47 minutes from Tower Road to the terminal, so I went to the detour, which was supposed to take 23 [minutes]."

As Monsees was driving, the paved road turned into a dirt road. She was a little skeptical but saw other cars in front of her, so she continued following her GPS. As she continued down the street, the conditions deteriorated due to recent storms. The muddy road was too much for some cars, causing them to get stuck. To make matters worse, the dirt road was only wide enough for one car, making it impossible for drivers to turn around.

Monsees' vehicle had all-wheel drive, and she was able to navigate the narrow road, which was filled with ditches that caused damage to other cars trying to get through.

"I tore up the inside passenger wheel well for my tire, but it's not that big of a deal compared to some other people who really tore their cars up and got themselves stuck out there," she said.

Around one hundred cars ended up getting stuck on the dirt road, which is privately owned and maintained.

Monsees warned drivers to be careful when following their GPS, especially in areas they are not familiar with.

"The bottom line is don't just follow GPS apps blindly. This might be a good reminder to actually pull out a map to look at your area so that you know detour route for yourself and of course, make sure that you have your safety and your family's safety in mind all the time no matter which route to take," said Monsees.

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