Controversial Teacher Retirement Bill Passes House Committee

(Frankfort, KY) - A bill is moving forward in the state House that would have an impact on the election of a board overseeing Kentucky teacher retirements. 

House Bill 525 would reorganize the process of electing members to the retirement system board. 

The State Government committee passed the bill that would diminish some of the Kentucky Education Association's control over the process as dozens of teachers filled the room in opposition. 

The group Kentucky 120 United calls the bill destructive to pension assets, while the KEA says it will work to prevent its passage in the full House.

Kentucky Teachers Return To Work After Sickout

(Frankfort, KY) - Kentucky teachers are back to work in several counties Friday after a sickout. 

Teachers staged the sickout to go to the state Capitol to protest a bill moving through the House that affects teacher pensions. 

The founder of Kentucky 120 United Nema Brewer says the bill passed by a House committee lessening the Kentucky Education Association's power on an election board is detrimental to the teachers' pension plan. 

She says the organization won't stop until the bill has been defeated in the House.

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