Governor Holcomb Gives Indiana State Of The State Address

(Indianapolis, IN) - Indiana Gov. Eric Holcomb wants Indiana to have a hate crimes law.  

That was one of the focuses of his third State of the State address Tuesday night.  

Specifically, he says the state needs a law that brings enhanced charges against those fueled by biases over race, religion, and sexual orientation.

Holcomb also spoke to a joint session of the House and Senate about the need for education funding and the creation of a Teacher Pay Commission. 

Governor: State Will Pay Pensions, Local Schools Should Pay Teachers 
Gov. Holcomb is willing to make a deal with local schools across the state.  

In his State of the State speech Tuesday night, Holcomb suggested that the state would pay-off the $140 million that local schools owe for teacher pensions, if local schools would then spend that money on teacher raises.  

The governor said it's just like paying off your house, then using that money to pay other bills.  

Democrats at the statehouse aren't so sure about the idea. 

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