Video Captures New Hampshire Man Dousing Police Cruiser With Maple Syrup


Authorities in the small town of Rindge, New Hampshire are trying to identify a culprit who was caught by a surveillance camera pouring a bottle of maple syrup all over a police cruiser. The police department released a video that shows the man walking up to the police SUV and pouring the maple syrup all over the passenger side door. He then circles around to the front of the cruiser and empties the bottle on the driver's side door before dropping the bottle on the ground and running out of frame.

Police said that they believe the incident was connected to a weekend-long spree of vandalism, which was attributed to kids getting an early start to the annual "mischief night" tradition. Rindge Police Chief Daniel Anair told the New Hampshire Union Leader that between 20 and 30 kids went on a rampage over the weekend in an attempt to one-up what kids had done the year before. 

This year’s antics included the extensive papering of the common, the emptying of trash cans onto roadways, at least two fires lit in the street, and vandalism to a church sign. There were also reports of cars speeding through town, spinning tires and other motorists being harassed, he said.

Investigators said they are working to track down the kids who started the fires and hope that the public will help them identify the person who vandalized their cruiser. 

“This one person was lucky enough to get himself caught on video,” Anair said.


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