Kentucky Kingdom, Fair Board Battling Over Park Expansion

LOUISVILLE, Ky. -- Kentucky Kingdom and the State Fair Board are on a roller coaster of litigation.

Park CEO Ed Hart says the Fair Board is blocking access to a 20 acre plot of land that he claims the park has an option on in its lease because of a lawsuit over parking lots. Hart took the board to court asking for a "Declaration of Rights" to regain access to lots he says the park loses during large events at the Expo Center.

Hart says the dispute over parking is putting the new Kentucky Flyer roller coaster in jeopardy, saying they're already late on an $800,000 because of the status of the expansion.

Hart says depending on how long the delays keep up, he may be forced to cancel the coaster project altogether.

In a statement, the State Fair Board says they have "demonstrated a consistent desire" to see the park succeed and says the expansion is still "in progress" and "involves several landlord parties."


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