Donnelly Will Vote No On Kavanaugh

(Washington, DC) - Indiana Senator Joe Donnelly says he will vote no on the confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh to the U.S. Supreme Court.  

Donnelly, a Democrat, is thought to be a key wing vote and had been on the fence about Kavanaugh.  He is also up for re-election this year.  


In a statement, Donnelly said sexual assault allegations against Kavanaugh are disturbing and credible.  He argued that the FBI should fully investigate the accusations.

Donnelly's opponent in the Indiana Senate race has responded to Donnelly's decision to oppose Kavanaugh's nomination.  Republican candidate Mike Braun says Donnelly is making a "grave mistake".


Kavanaugh has strongly denied the allegations.  Meantime, another swing vote, Arizona Republican Senator Jeff Flake is voting to confirm Kavanaugh.

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Photo Credit: Getty Images


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