JCPS Assessment Results Show More Work Lies Ahead

(Louisville, KY) - Jefferson County Public Schools say there's still some work to be done following the release of an audit by the Kentucky Department of Education.

The Kentucky Department of Education has released the 2017-18 student assessment results across the commonwealth, including for Jefferson County.

WATCH: JCPS Superintendent Marty Pollio discusses the results in more detail.


Targeted Support and Improvement schools have a student group performing at or below the bottom five-percent.  In Jefferson County, 67 schools were considered TSI, including Ballard, Doss and Eastern High Schools.  TSI schools will have to rely on the district for help. 


Comprehensive Support and Improvement schools are, by definition, the lowest performing schools in the state.  JCPS has 21 CSI schools, including Western High, Thomas Jefferson Middle and Shelby Traditional Academy. CSI schools will receive state support to help them improve.

Pollio will join Tony Cruise Thursday morning at 7:35 on NewsRadio 840 WHAS to discuss in more detail.

Photo Credit: Getty Images


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