Regulators Reject LG&E's Smart Meter Plan

FRANKFORT, Ky. -- The Kentucky Public Service Commission has rejected a proposal by LG&E and Kentucky Utilities to install "smart" meters in homes throughout Kentucky.

The utilities had proposed a $350 million plan to replace or retrofit more than one million electric and natural gas meters.

The advanced meters have a radio transmitter that connects to a central communication network.   The meters can transmit usage data in real time and also can transmit information about power outages and other unusual events, such as tampering.

In rejecting the application, the PSC cited several inconsistencies in the case presented by the utilities, including conflicting calculations of net savings and differing projections of the expected service life of the advanced meters.       The utilities ultimately contended that the meters would last 20 years, but produced minimal evidence in support of that claim, the PSC said.

The KU/LG&E application was denied without prejudice, meaning that the utilities may submit a similar plan in the future.


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