Kentucky State Fair 2018

Come visit us at the Kentucky State Fair in the South Wing! 

Our iHeartRadio Booth is powered by Riverlink. 

Thursday, August 16th

Jay & Amy: 3pm-7pm

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Friday, August 17th

12: 6pm-10pm 

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Saturday, August 18th

Harley: 12pm-3pm

Shannon The Dude: 3pm-6pm

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Sunday, August 19th

Mike: 3pm-7pm

Monday, August 20th

KD: 10am-12pm

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Tuesday, August 21st

Leland Conway: 9am-12pm

Terry Meiners: 3pm-6pm

Ramsey & Rutherford: 3pm-6pm

Tony & Dwight: 6pm-8pm

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Wednesday, August 22nd

Jay & Amy: 3pm-7pm

Thursday, August 23rd

TNT: 1pm-4pm

Shannon The Dude: 4pm-6pm

Friday, August 24th

Jay & Amy: 3pm-7pm

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Saturday, August 25th

Rucker: 12pm-3pm

Kobi, Mike & Rucker: 3pm-7pm

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Sunday, August 26th

Mike: 10am-2pm

KD: 2pm-4pm

KD & Mike: 4pm-7pm

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