JCPS Planning To Build 4 New Schools By 2024

(Louisville, KY) - Jefferson County Public Schools plans to build four new schools between 2020 and 2024.  

Three of the facilities will be elementary schools while the fourth will be a middle school.

JCPS officials say the cost of the middle school will be about $30 million dollars while each elementary school will cost between $15 and $20 million.  

The JCPS Board Of Education is expected to get the plan later this year.

JCPS Announces Addition Of Bus Drivers, Monitors
(Louisville, KY) -  Jefferson County Public Schools is adding bus drivers and monitors for the upcoming school year.  

The addition of more drivers and monitors was announced during Tuesday's board of education meeting.

The district's chief operations officer announced JCPS has hired a surplus of about 30 to 40 bus drivers.  

Twenty bus monitors will also be added on the routes that need them most.

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