FBI Director Visits Louisville

LOUISVILLE, Ky. -- The director of the FBI says you are now on the front lines of the war on terror.

Addressing agents at the Louisville Field Office, Director Christopher Wray says his agency is fighting terrorism on two fronts, online and extremists looking to attack "soft targets" like schools or offices.

As for the cyber attacks, Wray says every field office in the nation is working cases involving digital espionage, adding the number of attackers is prompting the FBI to ask for some help from the private sector.

Wray says "lone wolf" attackers are replacing the Al Qaeda type terror groups and that presents a new set of challenges for the agency in tracking down potential attackers and securing targets, saying "now everything's a target."

The director also made reference to "distractions inside the Beltway" and asked the 37,000 plus agents of the FBI to focus "on the lives of the people we're trying to protect" and not those trying to "score points on television or the internet", something he shrugged off as noise.

PHOTO: FBI Louisville Field Office


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