White House: Trump Aluminum Tariffs Good For Kentucky

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- The Trump Administration says aluminum tariffs on steel and aluminum are good news for Kentucky workers.

President Trump's call not to exempt Canada, Mexico and the European Union will be a boost for Boyd County, Kentucky, the site of a now under construction $1.5 billion rolling mill.

Peter Navarro, an assistant to the President and the director of the White House National Trade Council, says the tariffs are a continuation of a promise from President Trump to fight for American jobs.

Navarro says the tariffs, which are not related to ongoing NAFTA negotiations, will go on until the American steel and aluminum industries are "impregnable to these kinds of imports."

As for threats from the E.U. to place tariffs on American exports such as Kentucky bourbon, Navarro says the administration "has a plan in place" to make sure the retaliatory tariffs aren't implemented.

PHOTO: Getty Images


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