Governor Bevin Will Veto Budget And Tax Bill

FRANKFORT, Ky. -- Saying "this isn't about politics, it's about doing what's right for the state of Kentucky", Gov. Bevin says he will veto both the budget and tax bill.

Bevin says legislature didn't adequately budget for expenses like Medicaid, corrections or the Kentucky Wired broadband initiative in the budget that passed last week.

Bevin said the legislature is "kicking the can down the road" with the revenue and budget proposals.  He says the budget passed by lawmakers spends “hundreds of millions of dollars that is not there.”

Bevin praised Kentucky teachers, adding that the "KEA has been a problem", referring to the Kentucky Education Association, which he says is "very loud and refusing to be part of the solution".

Bevin said it would be irresponsible for teachers to strike, which is illegal in Kentucky.

Lawmakers meet on Friday and Saturday to consider veto overrides.

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