Feds Crack Down on Felons with Guns

LOUISVILLE, Ky  --  Federal weapons and drugs indictments are announced as prosecutors and law enforcement target felons with guns.  U.S. Attorney Russell Coleman says a federal grand jury has returned indictments against 23 people in an on-going crack down in what he says is a continuing effort to reduce violent crime in Kentucky.

Coleman says those indicted include Wyatt Williams, the man charged with the May 21, 2017 shooting death of seven year old DeQuante Hobbs Jr.  The child was killed by a bullet while he sat at his kitchen table.

Federal prosecutors say this is just part of their work to fulfill a promise to reduce violence in Louisville and in Kentucky.  Hobbs' grandmother, Priscilla Norment, says she fell to the floor when she heard about the arrest and indictment because she feared the case would go to the "cold case" file.


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