Senate Committee Approves Revised Budget Bill

FRANKFORT, Ky  --  A Senate committee approves its version of the state budget and makes many changes to the House-passed measure.  Sen. Chris McDaniel (R, Taylor Mill) Chairs the Senate Appropriations and Revenue Committee and says the Senate budget bill does not include House-approved taxes on opioid prescription and a 50-cent tax hike on cigarettes.

It allocates money earmarked for legislative retirement funding and sends it to the under-funded public pension system, and fully funds the required state allocation for the teachers' retirement fund.

The bill also increases the SEEK per-pupil base to $3,984 in FY19 and $3,985 in FY20.  The Senate changes to the bill were presented to the Senate Minority Caucus last night.  Some Democrats passed on their votes because they hadn't had time to read the measure.

The bill now goes to the full Senate for debate and consideration.

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