Hoover Goes After "Gang Of Eight" With Failed Rule Change Attempt

FRANKFORT, Ky. -- An attempt by Jeff Hoover to go after those who he says tried to force him out of the House is tripped up by a procedural error.

A day after a fiery resignation speech from his role as Speaker of the House, Hoover introduced an amendment to the House rules that would make lawmakers who make a complaint against another lawmaker and fail financially responsible.

Hoover specifically called out "the group of eight" when introducing the amendment, citing the eight Republicans who were pushing for his expulsion from the chamber.

One of those eight, Phil Moffett of Louisville, called the amendment a "straw man" that "should be burnt down."

The measure survived a motion to be tabled to only be killed by Speaker Pro Tem David Osborne who said the amendment was void because Hoover had written it based on the wrong version of the rule.


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