Pitino Sues UofL for Breach of Contract

LOUISVILLE, Ky. -- Former Louisville basketball coach Rick Pitino has filed a breach-of-contract lawsuit against the school.      

The 19-page suit filed in federal court in Louisville alleges the university's athletic association breached Pitino's employment contract in two ways.

First, the school had no legally justified "cause" to fire Pitino in October.   The former coach maintains he played no part in a scheme to funnel money to a recruit.

The lawsuit also alleges UofL fired Pitino without providing him a required 10-day advanced notice and opportunity to be heard.

Pitino wants the balance of his contract.   The lawsuit is seeking $4.3 million dollars for the next nine years.   That's just under $40 million.

A University of Louisville spokesman says the school is aware of the lawsuit.  "As a matter of policy, the university does not comment on pending litigation," said John Karman.

Photo:  Getty Images

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