Three People Taking A Tour To Decide Value Of Bevin's House

LOUISVILLE, Ky. -- The value of Governor Bevin's Anchorage home will come down to three people taking a tour.

That tour will happen on August 1 when a three person PVA appeals panel will tour the home to determine its value.

The PVA claims the house with worth $2.9 million while Bevin says its worth $1.3 million, $300,000 less that what he paid to Neil Ramsey for the property, due to Bevin's claim the house is in disrepair.

The value dispute stems from Bevin's ties to Ramsey, who had made donations to Bevin's campaign and was later named to the board of the Kentucky Retirement System.

Bevin's attorney Mark Sommer says an appeal board site visit is rare with only one other case out of over 1,100 this year requiring a site visit.


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