Governor Bevin Calls Ethics Complaint "Inside Job"

FRANKFORT, Ky. -- Governor Bevin says an ethics complaint filed against him involving his new house is an inside job.

Bevin says the complaint filed by Common Cause Kentucky can be traced back to Tim Longmeyer, a former member of the Beshear administration who is now in federal prison.

He says Longmeyer gave money he defrauded from the state to Attorney General Andy Beshear who he claims gave the money to Common Cause Kentucky.

Bevin went on to call the entire complaint "political mumbo jumbo" and an "inside hack job" by the media.

Addressing the claims that Neil Ramsey "paid to play" by giving Bevin a deal on the house in exchange for a seat on the Kentucky Retirement System board he asked reporters "do you want to sit on the worst funded pension system in the state."

Bevin also used the press conference meant to celebrate the state's economic developments to attack the media, asking them "to be actual reporters" and calling out several reporters and media agencies by name.

PHOTO: Getty Images

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