Audio From The United Flight 3411 Incident Offers A New Look

LOUISVILLE, Ky. -- Audio recordings from the Chicago Department of Aviation offer a new look into what happened on United Express flight 3411.

The audio obtained via an Open Records request starts with a call from a United employee asking for police to remove two passengers from an overbooked flight.

 Once airport police arrive, a garbled radio transmission is heard with screaming in the background and an officer saying "he's fighting”, referring to Elizabethtown doctor David Dao.

After several minutes, an officer calls for an ambulance to the same gate for a passenger described as "diabetic" and "in his 40's." 

A subsequent police report claims Dao fell on his own, hitting the armrest and was removed from the plane, making no reference to the dragging captured in several videos. After being removed, the report says Dao was conscious and told them he was diabetic.

To read the full report, click here.

To hear the airport police dispatch audio, click here.

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