McConnell Faces More Protesters, Obamacare Questions

LOUISVILLE, Ky. -- Another day, another series of healthcare questions for Mitch McConnell.

Speaking at the Jeffersontown Chamber of Commerce luncheon, McConnell was peppered with questions on the Affordable Care Act and what Congress was going to do to it. At least two of the half dozen people who had the chance to ask McConnell about the ACA say the senator dodged their question.

McConnell told reporters after the event he thought open with those asking questions but declined to say if he would hold a true town hall meeting during the congressional recess.

Hundreds of protesters lined the street outside of the Louisville Marriott East as McConnell spoke. Protesters say they're upset with the way McConnell has been treating those he serves and argue he does not listen to Kentuckians, but instead those that "line his pockets".Those opposing the Senate Majority Leader stayed true to their claim that they would follow McConnell to each stop of his tour.

McConnell made a brief mention of the protesters outside who he says are just sad they lost the election.



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