Police: Suspect in Fatal Shooting Charged at Officer

LOUISVILLE, Ky. -- Louisville Metro Police say a suspect charged at an officer with a sharp object before being fatally shot.

William Young, 32, died of multiple gunshot wounds following the Saturday night incident inside a home on Oleanda Avenue in Louisville's south end. 

Police Chief Steve Conrad says Young had what appeared to be a meat skewer in his hand when he lunged at Officer Russell Braun.   

Police body camera video shows Officers Braun, Paige Young and Randall Richardson shooting Young.   Conrad says Braun also shot himself in the left hand. 

Young's family questions the police use of force.     Shawna Coates believes a Taser should have been used against her brother.   Coates says her brother was homeless, mentally ill and abused drugs.  

Police say Young was arrested 11 times since 2003, on charges that include assault, domestic violence, trespassing and drug possession. 



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