All these years we've been trying to turn train cars around when all it took was this?? Today's "Video of the Day"

A man in Colorado has contracted the plague.  It's been diagnosed as pneumonic but not bubonic, but what is the difference and how concerned should the public be?  With Cindi Sullivan and Tony Cruise is nurse practitioner Erin Tolbert.  

Immigration battles continue.  Could the GOP give President Obama half of his requested $37 billion to help with the border crisis if he gives them changes to 2008 immigration laws that made it harder to deport Mexican or Canadian children?  With Tony is Investigative and Political Reporter Who Has Written For Outlets Like WSJ, The Breitbart Sites, And The Daily Caller as well as author Of "Why Coolidge Matters: Leadership Lessons From America's Most Underrated President." Charles C. Johnson

Forty Five years go Apollo 11 lifted off for the moon.  Today Americans rely on the Russians to get to the International Space Station.  Despite this, many say the space program is alive and well.  With a look back and look at where we are going is CBS News' Peter King.