In Taiwan, moving day is serious business (and surprisingly efficient).  Today's "Video of the Day"

Yesterday, Bloomberg Business News broke the story that General Electric was looking for a buying to purchase it's appliance division.  Who are potential buyers?  What does this mean for current employees?  Bloomberg's Courtney Donohoe chats with Tony.

The tattoo removal business is booming, and you might be surprised who their biggest clients are.  WAVE3 Troubleshooter Eric Flack takes a look locally at who is getting the ink removed.

Doctors, teachers, scout leaders and former police officers, all part of 660 suspected pedophiles who were rounded up in the United Kingdom. The announcement came yesterday following a six month operation. In May 275 suspected pedophiles were rounded up in Los Angeles as part of a sting operation. Those arrested included a teaching assistant to special needs children, a retired sheriff's deputy, a US Army soldier and and LA Fire Department explorer. Is the pedophile problem growing?  Fox News Radio's Simon Owen talks with Tony from London.