Perhaps THE most dangerous selfie ever taken.  What say you?  It's the "Morning Team Video of the Day"

Changes at Ford as they shift production of the F150 from Detroit to Kansas City and begin building its signature truck with aluminum.  CBS News Auto Analyst Jeff Gilbert talks with Tony.

Roughly one in four millennials don’t have health insurance – more than any other age group – according to a new report. Millennials (defined as 18-29 year-olds in this survey) are 10 percentage points more likely to lack health insurance than people 30 and older. This is surprising because health insurance is generally cheapest for young adults, and people can stay on their parents’ health insurance until age 26. With Tony is Laura Adams, senior analyst.

The University of Louisville will play its first athletic event in the ACC on Monday when the football team hosts the Miami(FL) Hurricanes.  What other impact does the move have on the University?  That and more with University President James Ramsey.  

Americans are doing a better job of paying their bills on time, but are they acquiring more debt?  Taking an honest look at these numbers with Tony is financial expert Bill Dendy