Next time you complain there's no room at the pool or the beach?  You could try a day at the pool in China.  Overcrowding is an understatement.  Its today's "Video of the Day"

Kentucky Senator Rand Paul speaks out on immigration, healthcare and many other issues facing voters.  Could he be making a run at the Presidency in 2016?  Judge for yourself, listen to his conversation with Tony Cruise.

The Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, surveyed the parents of more than 200 children who had been admitted to an obesity clinic. Most of the parents surveyed acknowledged that their child was overweight or obese, but 31 percent of them perceived their child’s health to be “excellent” or “very good” and 28 percent didn’t perceive their child’s weight to be a health problem. Are these parents in denial or fear embarrassing their children? Tony Cruise and Cindi Sullivan talk with Dr. James of Diamond Physicians about talking to our children about obesity while offering tips for waning them off the unhealthy foods to more healthy alternatives.

Congress breaks for August recess at the end of this week, this amid a border crisis, numerous problems with the VA, and a depleting highway fund to name just a few. What if anything will get done and what will be done when they get back. What are you expecting from your Kentucky and Indiana representation? Tony Cruise talks with political insider Chris Stirewalt.