If your boss didn't show up for work, what would you do?  See what one Michjgan employee did.  CLICK HERE

ATTN:  Walking Dead fans who like beer.  Would you drink a beer made with actual brains?  Philadelphia's Dock Street Brewery thinks so.  CLICK HERE.  

Metro councilman David Tandy talks about what the city's efforts to reach out to both youth and parents and what they need to do moving forward in the wake of the past weekend's violence. 

The biggest question to come out of the downtown weekend violence is "where were the parents".  MeShore Daniels is an Army Veteran and a parent and is now the co-chair of Man Up.  He's gathered community business leaders and parents together to answer that question and hold both parents and their children accountable.   Here his emotional conversation with Tony.

When was the last time you actually went (INTO) your bank?  According to a new study from bankrate.com say 3 in 10 of us haven't set foot inside a branch in the last 6 months.  

New GM CEO Mary Barra is living "trial by fire" this week.  On the job for just a few weeks, she will be in front of congress on Tuesday to explain a large number of recalls facing the auto icon.  Plus, is a $1.2b payout by Toyota to avoid prosecution a sign of things to come for GM?  With Tony is CBS Auto Analyst Jeff Gilbert

Asking for that raise?  It's a tough thing to do for most.  Most of us think we're worth more than what we make.  What's the best way to approach the boss for a little extra in your check?  With Garry Gupton (filling in for Tony) and Cindi is employment expert Chris Brown.