Sometimes it's not about what you pack, but HOW you pack that matters.  Today's "Video of the Day"

As discussed in the bull session, this guy liked everything on his facebook page for 48 hours.  What happened? CLICK HERE.

Also discussed today, they're in high demand and making between $200,000 to $300,000 a year.  Some are saying the get nearly 100 emails a day from recruiters.  CLICK HERE

It's back to school for JCPS.  John Asher is with Leadership Louisville Center’s Bingham Fellows and joins Tony to talk about an initiative they launched to help parents and students get reacquainted with school.  CLICK HERE for a website full of information, apps and more information you'll need.  

Was Robin Williams in financial trouble?  More details into the death of the comedy star.  Steve Futterman joins Tony Cruise from Marin County California with more on the troubled star's financial dealings.