CBS News' Jason Strother in Seoul South Korea joins Tony. China pushing troops to the border, N. Korea restarting a reactor, the US moving destroyers off the coast and N. Korea now blocks workers from entering the last major symbol of inter-Korean cooperation. What exactly is playing out in the world hot-spot?

No, They Can't: Why Government Fails - But Individuals Succeed. Fox business Network's John Stossel joins Tony to discuss his latest book entitled "No They Can't: Why Government Fails - But Individuals Succeed". John talks about how politicians don't want to cut spending. They say "yes, we can!" They promise to solve every problem. John's book explains why politicians cannot succeed solve those problems, but individuals can, if government leaves us alone. No They Can't also shows what Congress could cut-to put America on sound financial footing. The government is not a neutral arbiter of truth. It never has been. It never will be according to John.

You see your significant other speaking but you can't remember what they said. Why is that? Dr. Charles Pemberton from Louisville Dimensions Family Therapy joins Tony and Cindi to talk about it.

President Obama visits Colorado today to discuss gun violence. He'll host a roundtable at the Denver Police Academy with law enforcement and community leaders then deliver remarks. With Tony is CBS News' Lee Frank