The changing face of heroin addiction, now white suburban male? Once thought to be a problem primarily affecting urban teens living in impoverished areas, heroin abuse now more commonly affects middle-class suburban white people in their early 20s, Health Day News reported. In a study published in JAMA Psychiatry, researchers surveyed 2,800 people undergoing treatment for heroin abuse in the United States. People who reported first using heroin in the 1960s said it was the first drug they abused, but around 75 percent of the people who began abusing heroin after 2000 reported previously abusing prescription painkillers. The researchers suspect the rise of prescription drug abuse served as a gateway to heroin addiction for many users. While prescription drugs can be very costly, heroin can be obtained cheaply and easily. How can we stop the growing heroin problem? Addiction expert from Enterhealth and author of "Healing the Addicted Brain” Dr. Harold Urschel joins Tony.

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