Clothes the will block your cell signal (as discussed in the bull session) - CLICK HERE.  

Fun with extra large gummy bears! Today's "Video of the Day"

His known best for predicting major events like the boom (and its collapse), the housing boom (and bust) as well and the government collapse, just to name a few.  He is trends forecaster Gerald Celente and he talks with Tony about what recent news events mean to your future.  FOR MORE INFORMATION CLICK HERE.

So you want to be a 40 year old intern?  Good or bad idea?  Employment expert Dusty Staub talks with Tony and Cindi.

New research indicates that men who deal with a nagging spouse, child or neighbor could be doubling their chances of dying early.  Why?  Men don't vent feelings they say.  With Tony and Cindi is Dr. Charles Pemberton.