As discussed in the "Bull Session" according to Spotify "Fall Out Boy" is the most popular music act in Kentucky.  Here's the "Saturday Night Fever" video from Fall Out Boy we talked about. 

Halfway to the Presidential election who do most American's think would be best suited to lead the GOP challenge to take the White House?  With Tony is CBS News' Director of Survey's Sarah Dutton.


Tony Cruise becomes an honorary Irishman with Mark Wakefield, President of the Ancient Order of Hiberneans.  For more information visit

The Russian Flag was hoisted in Kiev, Ukraine.  What does this mean in the wake of recent protests in the former Russian republic?  CBS News' Larry Miller is following changing developments and talks with Tony.

Arizona Governor Jan Brewer vetos legislation that would allow businesses to refuse service to anyone based upon religious beliefs.  Taking a look at the impact of the decision is Civil Trial Attorney Brett Meyers.

Is Senator Rand Paul the GOP's new rock star when it comes to a GOP candidate for the White House during the next presidential election? Breaking down the buzz is RealClearPolicy editor Robert Verbruggen.