So how exactly do self driving cars work?  Google explains in today's "Video of the Day"

The post position draw and other rule changes have trainer Bob Baffert always on the wrong side of said changes.  Paul Rogers caught up with the trainer to ask him about what affects the changes had on his training and talk about the new rule changes.

Nothing wrong with a little smack talk between to riverboat captains!  It's the Great Steamboat Race today on the Ohio River!  Belle of Louisville Captain Mark Doty tries to hold off an agressive attack from Belle of Cincinnati Captain Alan Bernstein while Tony Cruise tries to referee.

Wood Memorial Wicked Strong is in the Kentucky Derby.  What's behind the name?  Paul Rogers explains.

Lieutenant Governor Jerry Abramson is no stranger to the Kentucky Derby going back to his days as the Mayor of Louisville.  This morning he sits down with Tony Cruise and Cindi Sullivan to talk about the excitement of the Kentucky Derby and what he has learned during his 2+ years in Frankfort.

Gambling and excessive drinking, two things that go with the Kentucky Derby, but what about those who struggle with these vices year round?  What can those who suspect someone might have a problem do?  With Tony is licensed clinical counselor Dr. Charles Pemberton with Louisville Dimensions Family Therapy.