CBS This Morning takes a look at the Craft Beer revolution!

The Supreme Court this week upheld the University of Michigan's policy to not use race as a factor when it comes to college admission.  The impact of this decision?  CBS News Legal Analyst Andrew Cohen joins Tony to look closer at the decision.

National honors being handed out for some JCPS high schools.  Joining Tony is JCPS Spokesman Ben Jackey. 

Now, even baby boomers are moving in with (wait for it...) mom & dad. In one community during 2012 roughly 194,000 people aged 50 to 64 lived with their parents. That's a 67% increase over the last 7 years. Sign of a growing trend? Do most need to start saving for retirement at a younger age? CBS News Senior Business Analyst Jill Schlesinger talks these numbers with Tony Cruise.

1992 Kentucky Derby Winning Jockey Pat Day joins Tony Cruise and Paul Rogers to talk about "Mom's Closet" a program designed to left single women out of grasp of welfare.  You can get in the "Derby Mood" and help these women at the same time, by attending the "Night of Silks" opening night at Churchill Downs.  Pat talks with Tony and Paul about this event while sharing some stories about that 1992 Kentucky Derby ride aboard Lil E Tee.  For more information on the event, click the link above or call 502.245.9899.