We've all been there.  That co-worker approaches your cubicle and you know they're going to be there a while.  It's the "story teller", the person who takes a l-o-n-g time to tell a story.  Why "less is more"....some great tips for getting to the point.  CLICK HERE.

As many Thunder Over Louisville fans decend on downtown Louisville this weekend, a big question is how safe will they be in the wake of recent downtown violence?  Answering those questions and more is Mayor Greg Fischer who joins Tony for his weekly chat. 

In the wake of the most recent Ft. Hood shooting, some lawmakers are calling for conceal carry permits for senior military personnel.  Is this a good idea?  CBS News Military Analyst Mike Lyons joins Tony to help explain if this is good idea.

UConn beats Kentucky last night 60-54 to win the NCAA Men's College Basketball Championship.  What  happened?  iHeart Radio 24/7 news' Bob Stevens is in Dallas and checks in with Tony.

It's the end of an era for Microsoft's Windows XP as support will end today. What does that mean for those who still use the operating system?  A lot says CNET and CBS News Tech Analyst Larry Magid.  He joins Tony to explain what you need to know.

With Kentucky's loss to UConn basketball season is officially closed here in the Commonwealth.  Time to say good bye to winter and get outside.  There's plenty to do!  With some great ideas is Pat Stipes from the Kentucky Department of Travel.  He and Tony kick around some great ideas!