Her appearance delayed by health issues, Secretary of State Clinton finally testifies before Congress today about the Obama administration's handling of the terrorist assault on the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi, Libya last September. Clinton appears before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee and again before the House Foreign Affairs Committee. CBS News' Cami McCormick sits down with Tony.

Looking for a career change?  Drone pilots are increasing in demand.  Just ask 23 year old Charles Taylor who loved flying remote control airplanes.  He holds a Bachelor's Degree taylored to unmanned aircraft operations, one of the fastest growing career fields in America.  Fortnue Magazine's Geoff Colvin has more.

The first paycheck of 2013 contained a nasty surprise for many workers: a tax increase that shrank their take-home earnings by 2 percent or more. While the "fiscal cliff" compromise spared most Americans an increase in their income taxes, Congress allowed a temporary cut in payroll taxes for Social Security and Medicare to expire. The tax increase comes at a time when worker paychecks are already under pressure from rising health care premiums and ongoing furloughs in the public sector. For many, it is big enough to offset any recent pay raise. Matt Anhaiser of Roseville, Calif., said he and his wife, a nurse, are losing a combined $283 a month. "That is my truck payment, or all of the extracurricular activities for my children, or a week and a half of groceries," said Anhaiser, 36. "That is significant to me. I don't know where it's going to come from at this point." What do employees need to know about these payroll tax changes? Financial Adviser & Financial Strategist with Hodges Capital, Clark Hodges talks with Tony