senior financial analyst Greg McBride, CFA joins Tony with his 2013 interest rate forecast? He answers the following questions (and more)

--Will mortgage rates stay in record-low territory or do buyers and refinancers need to act quickly before rates rise?

--Will there be any relief for savers who have been dealing with measly deposit rates for the past several years?

--How about auto loans, credit cards and home equity rates?

Now that Christmas is over it's perhaps time to return those gifts.  CNET's Larry Magid talks about what you need to know when navigating the sometimes muddy waters of returns. 

Many say the December Auto Sales are the best since the early 70's.  Is the economy back?  What does this mean for local auto producers Ford and Toyota?  Tony talks with CBS News Auto Analyst Jeff Gilbert about the latest numbers and looks at what 2013 holds.

So why did Senator McConnell and President Obama take the "Fiscal Cliff" deal?  POLITICO White House Reporter Reid Epstein talks with Tony.