The Miami Dolphins Richie Incognito story is bringing bullying back into limelight. CBS News Tech Guru Larry Magid has been at the forefront of cyber bullying and has just returned from two bullying seminars and talks with Tony about what they discussed.


Recruitment big news for the Louisville Metroi Police this week. With Tony this week is LMPD Spokesman Dwight Mitchell talking about this and other issues surrounding Louisville's finest.


Even in good times, his face wears an almost cartoonish expression of alarm—like that of a man who"s just remembered that he left the stove on and is miles from home. Gray, watery eyes bulging out from behind his glasses; thin, bloodless lips pursed into a frown. And yet, for nearly 30 years, both in Kentucky and in Washington, D.C., that dour visage has been the face of a raw, even legendary political power. Mitch McConnell has never been a beloved politician. Politico's Jason Zengerle takes a look at the Senator as he faces his biggest challenge yet and takes time to talk with Tony.