As we prepare for March Madness see how a University of Virginia made it into the team huddle at the ACC Championship without any identification!  CLICK HERE

Could this be the military's new "Don't Ask/Don't Tell" challenge.  A transgendered Army officer is looking to end the military's long standing ban on transgendered personnel.  We talk to CBS News Military Analyst Mike Lyons. CLICK HERE.  While Tony and Mike didn't have time to discuss this case and it's effects it may have on the military, they did discuss the question "Is Russian President Valdimir Putin done or will he try to grab more territory in the area known as the former Soviet Union?" 

Ever go out of your way to avoid runnnig into that certain person in the hallway at work?  Now there's an app for avoiding that certain person altogether. CLICK HERE.  

The video discussed in birthdays today (in the Bull Session).  Happy Birthday to Nick Wheeler of the "All American Rejects".  Watch as the sailors and airmen from the Navy's Black Eagles of VAW-113 cover the popular "Move Along"