You're doing it wrong.  With nearly 2.5 million hits in just one day, see why these cheap, yet very effective kitchen hacks can save you not only time, but money all in today's "Video of the Day" 

What's going on with the Navy Seals?  Reports of profiteering and drug abuse are coming out, enough so the Navy has ordered a Safety stand down.  Tony takes a look with CBS News Military Analyst Mike Lyons and below that see for yourself CBS News' Pentagon Correspondent David Martin's report and conversation with former Navy Seals.  

Metro Council meets tonight.  President David Yates joins Tony to talk about the new Louisville City FC Soccer stadium and financing.  The Council is expected to vote on a special resolution to dedicate $22,000 to a special audit of Metro Corrections.  In two weeks, the Mayor will present his budget for the coming year.  This is the first time the Council will have two months to review the budget. In they have only reviewed it in the month of June.  Listen to Tony's conversation with the President.